Monday, 11 December 2017


Camfind is the best app to find or search the  physical world in the virtual world.You can take a photo by camfind  and search it in the virtual world. Already this app gained huge success on IOS platform with over 3 million downloads because

It is first successful mobile visual search engine app and its rating is now 4+. Its total number of reviews 140432.
So do not forget test this cam find.You must be need Android Os Version 4 or more. 
How to work with camfind ?? So flow Proper steps :

At First You Must Be Connect WiFi Or Data.............

STEP : 1 You must be install camfind app, Download link was given by me bottom of the post

STEP : 2  After Installation  You need to open Camfind App.

STEP : 3  You can skip this option under the bottom. Just Tap to skip.

STEP : 4 When You skip this option you can see your camfind prepare to take photo.
I took this photo which you can see in the picture. You can take any photo in the physical world.

STEP : 5 In this step camfind sending data in the virtual or online. 

STEP : 6 Be Patient in this step Until Next appear something.

 STEP : 7 Look, Some Information about photo Which you took by your camfind.

 STEP : 8  Great info you look which you want .

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