Friday, 16 February 2018

How Can You Send File From Your Phone To Your Computer By Using Wifi And Browser??

Wifi file transfer is an utility that allows us to download, upload and browse  Sd card by computer with browser in home wifi network. Its very necessary that your computer and android must be connected  to same network

WIfi file transfer app  your web browser. If you would  like to use this app public wifi, please make sure to set an access password in the app setting.
It gives you access to download, upload, delete,rename,copy, compress, password authenticate(optional) files and you can view photos , videos ,files directly in your web browserIf you would  like to use this app public wifi, please make sure to set an access password in the app setting.

Before we get started we need to know that wifi file transfer (free version) that allows up to 4 mb in size at a same time.But in pro version you can upload unlimited in size.

So lets start:

Image 1
Step:1 At first you must be need  download and installs wifi file transfer from 
Google play store(Download)

After downloaded and installed you need tap to open and tap the start button.(See Image 1)

It will be presented with a URL like 
(See Image 2)

Image 2
Image 3
Step:2:  Above you can see the ip address Or URL of the Android device. You can spin another desktop or laptop and point to the same address in the URL bar and you will also be able to view the contents of the Android phone.
(See Image 3)

Step:3  Now  you can see the contents of the SD Card.
Now By this, it is very very easy to copy any kind of file on your laptop to the Android Phone and android phone to laptop or pc!

Android file transfer problems solved!

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