Friday, 6 July 2018

Top 7 Android Tips And Tricks. You Must Be Need To Learn.

There are some secret features in Android phones that many people probably do not know here but I'm telling you about the same secret features if you know all of these, am Sure that you will be able to use Android phones smartly.These Are:

         1. Developers mode:
There are an option of developer mode in Android phones so that users can improve the performance and looks of their phones.It is actually best mode which can allow you customize your phone.To enable developer mode go to setting >about phone section and touch 7 times to the build number option.

2. Dual Apps:
You can not install 2 apps in the same Android phone but nowadays there are some apps in the market which can be done with help. Parallel space app is becoming very popular for this work. You can use it from different numbers.

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