Friday, 28 September 2018

Call Unlimited To Any Country For Free. So Don't Miss

Hey !! Do you want to call for free to  any country of the world, it is not difficult to vaccinate the world, if you is not a little clever, you fail to gain something.And this method  keeping your real name or number secret to talk.
Let's go back to the original topic, for what we are here. 
Whatever it takes - Primo App (Play Store & App Store will be available everywhere) Download Link

Now after downloading Primo App, we will need to open an account, but there are 3 options to open an account, but we will open account by Gmail or Google account.

With Google Account you can get 50 minutes free with this account, this 50 minutes will be able to talk to any number in any country. 

Here's just 50 minutes, I said I'm unlimited, so what did I lie?No, I did not lie. We'll get unlimited but But hacks this app Actually it is not hack, just trick, after talking free 50 minutes of your account You need to clear the data of this app foir get new 50 minutes. when the job is finished. you need again sign up the app, again just open another account with a Gmail, the job is finished, again 50 minutes free life can take it like this, now the job seems to be very difficult?

No, the job is simple but with Gmail's mobile app, but unlimited Gmail can be opened without the number of seconds, just 30 seconds for open a Gmail, and needs to be clear data just in 5 seconds, a new account takes 15 seconds. With just 50 seconds you can talk about 50 minutes of free life, is it a little better, is not it?

You have survived the money to talk about the life of your life, whose mingle people have eagCall of the call made with this app is 95% clear, buffering is very low, and sometimes the call does not drop. And yes, there will be a net connection when calling, but the buttons are very low, I'm talking about 50 minutes in a number, Just 3.4 ebay is cutting, the more benefits of this app are-Speaking through this app will be the use of any one app, which means that you do not have any means to install the app, which you will call through this app


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